Our Sessions and Fees

Our sessions are run in 2 different groups: the ‘All year round group (51 weeks of sessions)’ and the ‘term-time group (38 weeks of sessions)’.


Prime kids started as a Preschool with term-time sessions in 2016. However,  we fully understand that there are also many families needing full-day childcare places for their children. With this in mind, we are pleased to also now be offering full-time childcare.

All year round full – daycare (51weeks, Non-funded placement)

Early bird All-day AM PM
7.30am - 6.30am
8am - 6pm
8am - 12.55pm
1.05pm - 6pm

3 meals

3 snacks

3 meals

3 snacks

2 meals

1 snack

1 meal

2 snacks

EYFS curriculum log
EYFS curriculum log
EYFS curriculum log
EYFS curriculum log
  • All price is based on Non-funded placement

Discounts Available




Full time

(when taking five full days per week)





Eldest Sibling







NHS staff











Settling-in Sessions

We offer for the first 2 sessions free of charge. However, we understand that some children need a longer period of settling-in and we are happy to consider a flexible approach with a £7.50 charge per additional session upon discussion with the parents.

Holidays and Absences

In the light of consistency and sustainability, you will be still charged fees during  the weeks when the nursery is closed for Bank holidays, and when your child has to stay home due to sickness or any other absences, including your own holidays when you cannot swap with other days from your child’s registered days.


We request a deposit of £100 to secure your child’s place. This is refundable when your child leaves the Nursery.

Invoice and Notice

We will invoice you a month in advance and any additional sessions booked during the month will be added on the following month of invoice.

If for any reason you decide to leave the nursery, we require you One month’s notice prior to leaving.

Please, feel free to contact us if you have any further questions regarding our nursery. Our Terms and Condition, and the Nursery policy are also available for you on this website.

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Parent Reviews

Mary Taffs

My son attended prime kids preschool for a year, and at the beginning I was so worried because his development was delayed, and he needed to be in an environment, where someone can work with him more closely. The nursery put my mind at ease almost immediately.The nursery and the staff are very friendly, helpful and accommodating. It’s such a loving environment with amazing care and attention to detail from the staff. I would definitely recommend the nursery to anyone considering it.

Rehab Wagdy

A very nice place and the staff are so friendly، supportive and highly professional.. loved my child's experience there.


A. Every child will be offered a flexible settling-in period depending upon their individual needs and we will discuss it with you if your child requires a longer period of settling-in. During the registration, we will also discuss your routine at home so that we can continue to follow it in our setting.

A. We have the policy that a minimum of 2 members of staff must be on-site with the children at all times. We always keep the recommended ratio between children and adults. When we take the children out to the park or local amenities, the ratio is then increased.  All our staff are DBS checked and have  undergone first aid training.


We complete daily risk assessment to monitor safety in the nursery.  We also have a secure entry  system to the nursery, controlled by the doorbell and the password that you created at the time of registering your child with us. If you ask someone else to collect your child, please tell us in advance. You will need to give them the password to authorise the collection of your child.

A. We provide well-balanced nutrition in each meal, including protein, carbohydrates, fat and fibre and omega, plus a minimum of 5 pieces of fruits or vegetables per day. We also comply with individual  allergies and dietary requirements.


In addition, we promote Oral health with less sugary foods and drinking water, plus guided tooth brushing time with the children.

A: We highly recommend that children attend at least 2 part-time sessions or 1 full-time session per week. This will help your child to settle in and provide continuity in their learning and development.

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